Thank You Healthcare Heroes

On Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 in the midst of the greatest global health crisis in a century, healthcare workers all across America were honored and celebrated by their local communities at 7:00 pm…shift change.

Here in our area, we were asked to assist the local fire departments, police departments, and EMS teams by creating a “Thank You” video for the healthcare workers they most directly support at nearby Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ.

This gave us an opportunity to put our team’s creative energy into a positive mission, while continuing to follow social distancing guidelines.  We recorded nearly 40 first responders via Zoom, each contributing to a shared and scripted message defining heroism in the midst of this crisis.

You can check out the final video below…


We’re grateful to Kari Phair, Matt Raymond, Richard Raymond, Joe Voorhees (aka “Super Joe”), and the members of the various local EMS teams who asked us to participate in this, and whose vision for this kind of inspiring gesture gives us all the sparks of hope we need to keep pushing ahead.

And for me personally, thank you to my talented and humble filmmaking teammates – Matt Cori, Mike Henrichs, and Joe Voorhees (damn dude you’re all over this write-up) for pulling this whole project together very quickly, and in less than “normal” collaborative conditions.  As always, you rallied strong and created a piece we should be proud of.

But most importantly, thank you to the countless healthcare heroes across our country.  Our hope is that this short video conveys even a fraction of the gratitude our team feels for the brave men and women putting it all on the line each day for our health and safety.

THANK YOU.  Please stay safe…and stay strong.


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